Creative House Renovation Offer

Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Creative
Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Attractive


  • Dismantling old bathrooms (sanitary ware, tiles, sanitation and plumming system if necessary)
  • Dismantling old kitchen (cabinets, tile back)
  • Dismantling of electrical equipment (sockets, switches)
  • Remove debris with the use of large bins


  • Design and 3D display of the new kitchen by experienced designers
  • Melamine cabinets 18 mm to 8 linear meters
  • Melamine doors with PVC finish
  • Wide verity of cabinet doors to choose
  • Wide verity of kitchen ecological benches to choose (4 cm)
  • Snap hinges
  • Plastic deceleration brake
  • Metal drawers
  • Inox Handles 16 cm (bar)
  • Cupboards, cutlery, trash bin
  • Aluminum rubble 10cm
  • Wide verity of choices on tiles for the back of the kitchen bench (Italian or Spanish origin – A+ Quality)
  • TEKA lifted hood or similar
  • FRANKE or TEKA Stainless Sink or similar
  • FRANKE or TEKA sink taps or similar
  • Change or repair of plumbing and drainage system if necessary
Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Attractive
Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Dynamic

Inner Doors

  • Two pressed doors made in Italyor Greece
  • Flat or oval frame made of plywood with a high degree of water resistance
  • Snap sills plywood
  • Door handle and lock
  • ANUBA door hinges made in Italy
  • Wide range of colors

Secutiry Door

  • Single armored door, electro-galvanized steel sheet 10 / 10mm
  • Metal casing 20/10 mm electrostatically painted with a special shaped profile for burglary protection
  • Secures 15 points – 6 and 9 fixed pistons moving the lock
  • Automatic windshield
  • Rubber around the door
  • Panoramic door eye
  • Adjustable heavy duty hinges
  • Openning Limiter
  • Security cylinder lock securemme K2 or ISEO
  • Steel cylinder protection “defender” type
  • Blocking system when attempt to break into or damage the cylinder protection system “defender”. The system blocks the door when is locked and someone tries to break it
  • Ajustable Timing for bettet fit to door frame
Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Dynamic
Πακέτο Ανακαίνισης Σπιτιού Attractive

Wall Painting

  • Coating with VIVECHROM ecological primer
  • Wall painting with VIVECHROM or KRAFT ecological paints
  • Color of your choice


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