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For your new New Home trust our Experts!

Do you own the plot and looking for construction services? Welcome to Fouskas Construction! Experienced and professional technicians undertake your home construction and design with an emphasis on quality.


Building a home is in our consciousness intertwined with creating our life. The process of construction should therefore create a feeling of happiness and joy for the future owner and not anxiety and insecurity.


However, the construction of a building by its very nature is a demanding technical task that requires knowledge, experience and in-depth study of all the details.

Let’s see the basic steps in the home building process

1. Before building

Before building a home, it is necessary to take concrete actions to ensure that a high quality and long-lasting home will be built. There is only one critical matter. A complete and professional Study.

But let’s see what a study involves.

-Static and anti-seismic
-Thermal insulation
-Fire protection
-Energy autonomy
-Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical      installations (thermal insulation, fire protection, water supply, drainage, heating, air conditioning, gas)

Building Control and Security-Automation-Electronic Systems (Heating, Lighting, Window Locking, etc.)
In addition, a study on the composition of the soil is considered extremely important as it concerns the cost of foundation and the extent of site preparation and preparation (earthworks etc.).

It should be noted that any omission, negligence or deduction in the quality of these studies means delay, doubt about the desired outcome and an upward cost review.

2. Κατά τη διάρκεια

One concept is that governs this stage of construction. Quality. Quality in every aspect. Inextricably linked to the quality and completeness of the study.

What are these areas?

Mainly, the silent tasks are those that make the difference in a construction:


-the skeleton of the building

-the walls

-the pipes


Supervision is the key to ensuring high quality throughout construction. What does proper supervision mean? It means applying the construction standards. It is worth noting that in addition to the importance of supervision as a process it is considered illegal to make construction works without a supervising engineer.

An important part of the manufacturing process is earthquake protection. Especially in our country which is the first in Europe in earthquake activity. How do we ensure that a building is resistant to earthquakes? With a static and a seismic study.

According to the New Greek Anti-Seismic Regulation the main pillars of a seismic study are:


-The foundation


-Material quality

-Construction methods

In closing, we place great emphasis on the concept of security. Any deviation from the safety regulations indicated by the head engineer increases the risk of an accident at the construction field and the consequences may be disproportionate.

3. The final manufacturing processes

When all the procedures are completed and the building is now considered to be ready ,a study is needed by the engineer on compliance with the rules during the construction process  and on the compliance with  building permit.

Besides bureaucratic issues, there is a number of technical details about the surroundings of the house that have to be arranged.


Some examples are: fence, swimming pool, storeroom. They also require proper studies by the engineer just like the rest of the home.

See in detail the stages of home costructions here

How we at Fouskas Construction manage to make your ideal home  dream come true?


Everyone starts with this dream of having their first breakfast and enjoy their first cup of coffee at the balcony of their dream home. Among a chaos of decisions and processes one is the decisive moment. The choice of the construction company.

Trust Fouskas Construction because:

• We have completed over 120 home renovation projects
• We work responsibly and respectfully
• We have over 20 years experience in the construction field
• We always comply with the requirements for licensing security
• We offer all the necessary guarantees
•The combination of price, quality and reliability is the triptych of successful manufacturing

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